Which shopper are you?  The one who needs a $2 item to fill a cart for free shipping?  Or the one who likes to take advantage of great deals while their Amazon cart is already nice and full?


Either way, how the heck do you search for JUST add ons on Amazon????


Lots of people ask this question because Amazon doesn’t make it easy. Why would they? Add On items have the lowest profit margins for Amazon because they don’t have the shipping costs padded into them, like all other Prime items do. Amazon will piggyback these items into an existing order already destined for you.


Amazon does NOT have an Add On Item search option.


BUT, you can type “add on items” into the search bar and get some results, you can see them HERE. You’ll notice that the there are a mix of Add On and non-Add On items on the page. Even after searching multiple pages, the results are weak at best. We conducted an experiment to find Add Ons directly on Amazon and we found something interesting.  Spoiler alert: Our Add On Item Finder gets you more results than searching directly on Amazon!


Items that show up in Amazon’s results have nothing to do with Amazon, they have to do with the seller’s product listing.


I’ll explain…

Amazon is a marketplace.  A place where buyers and sellers come together. When a seller lists an item on Amazon’s site, they have the option to enter in search terms. These are words that sellers don’t have in their item’s title or description, but still would like their item to show up for in customer’s search results. Here’s a screen shot of an Amazon seller’s product listing page.


amazon add on item search

A seller can put whatever they want in this space as long as they are not breaking policy. It’s a great opportunity for a seller to expand their market, but unfortunately not all sellers are scrupulous and that is why you see non-add on items showing up in the results.

On the other hand, sellers who DO SELL Add On items don’t necessarily know that if they wrote “add on item” in the space, their product would be showing up in these searches.


It’s gets even more complicated


Amazon’s search engine can be very specific and your results will vary depending on how exactly you phrase the search. If you type in “add on items”, you get one set of results, but if you add a hyphen between add + on, you will see different results.


Try the different searches for yourself:
(click each search box)


Add On Items

add-on item

add-on items

add-on items

add ons


add ons


The items you see in your Amazon search results are ONLY sold by sellers who put “add ons” (or some variation) in their product description listing, YOU ARE MISSING MOST of Amazon’s Add On items by searching this way.

For more accurate results
and to clearly see only Add-On Items, take a look at exclusive and extensive Add On Item Finder . We compiled these items manually, sorting through multiple streams of Amazon data and hundreds of pages of search results to bring you the lowest price, free shipping items on Amazon and the best and most popular add on items. 


Add them to your cart now!


Even if you don’t plan to buy them now, you should take full advantage and add them to your Amazon shopping cart.  Smart shoppers load their carts with a bunch of Add-On items (that doesn’t mean they are buying them now).  The next time they checkout, they can delete these add-on items from the cart, these items are then saved for later and can used anytime you need to fill up your cart for free shipping.  Just don’t wait too long, the prices aren’t always permanent.



How to search for amazon add on items