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Sort & search only Amazon Add On items with our unique Add-On Item Finder. New items are always being added, so bookmark this page to come back often. You can add these low-cost, free shipping items to your cart and then delete them from your cart at checkout to “save them for later”. This is great for keeping them handy when you need to reach a minimum order on Amazon. You can also go directly to Amazon to browse Add Ons. (hint: our list has more items!  find out why)

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How To Take Advantage of Amazon Add-On Items


Being able to find only Add-On items can save you big money, whether you have Amazon Prime or not!  As long as your cart contains $25 worth of items shipped by Amazon, you can buy them.  And if you really want to take advantage of Amazon, you can buy nothing but Add-On items!   Just reach that minimum.

If you would like to bypass the $25 minimum order, look for Add-On Items that are also Subscribe & Save deals.  With these items, you don’t even need a minimum order.  You can subscribe to just one Add-On item and it will ship when scheduled, with or without any other items.

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