You ever had a wonder what life would be like if you could receive anything you wanted with just the “push of a button”? Well today in this day and age Amazon Prime has made that come true for all of their Amazon Prime members. The dash button is a new innovative feature that allows prime members to purchase products that they may reuse on a continuous basis around the house that is made by the companies that Amazon is currently partnered with. These companies include Dixie, Hefty, Cottonelle Gatorade and much more. The buttons are self-adhesive which permits you to stick them around the house in convenient locations. They connect to your home Wi-Fi and with the single click the product needed is order along with a confirmation email, which makes it easy to do any cancellations. Shopping at the super market can become a hassle and break the bank especially when needing to purchase items other than food but now food shopping can become just that, food shopping! This will also help with having to lug in heavy merchandise from the store, to the cart, to checkout, to your car, and lastly into your home. I know me personally if I have to purchase a case of water it will sit in my car for at least 3 days.

Sometimes I even may take a couple out of the package and place it in my purse to get around actually having to carry the entire case into my house. Oh how suitable it would be to have it just sitting outside my front when I come home Consumers can place these buttons any place around the house they see fit, and with the click of a button it is instantly ordered. The convenience of Amazon prime members receiving free two-day shipping gives it more of a benefit and convenience.

Now for many individuals including myself may think this is the new way of purchasing products, but is it really worth the hassle of having all of these buttons around your house? Each button is $4.99, “Yes! Finally I have something to buy that will help me with other things to buy, how refreshing”. However, on the upside, Amazon allows their members to purchase the button as a rebate and apply to their first purchases, so in this sense it takes away the thought of you actually spending $4.99 per button. Imagine how much fun a toddler would have with these buttons, talk about really breaking the bank. Luckily the button only responds to one click so your playful children can’t over-buy, and go button happy.

Let’s admit when certain household items run out, it always seems to be at the worst time. And yes we may notice that our rolls of toilet paper is dwindling down; however we rarely make a note in our phone to remind ourselves to purchase more on the way home, and that usually becomes a downfall in the next couple of days when you’re running 30 minutes behind for work and mother nature calls at the strike of dawn. Having the button in your home would save you the trouble of “trying to remind yourself”, the button is conveniently there to be pressed. Eventually there will come a time where even the button will become a thing of the past but as of right now it will save you interruptions of having to jet to the store, and time.

Learn more about the Amazon Dash button here.